Helicopter Rides


Have you ever wondered what your neighborhood looks like from the sky? Or maybe dreamed of being a pilot?  Experience Ventura County from the air or see what it’s like to be a student pilot. Orbic Helicopters is offering helicopter rides again this year! Flying starts at 9:00 am Saturday and Sunday, and rides are available after the air show is over. Come visit us at the Northeast corner of the ramp for tickets and more information!  Or visit www.orbichelicopters.com

Front Seats Rides for $350 in the Cobra! Call to reserve your ride at 480-217-1635

The Arizona Chapter of the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation will have it’s AH-1 Bell Cobra at the Wings Over Camarillo Airshow and will offer front seat rides before the airshow for $350.

The Army Aviation Heritage Foundation (AAHF) has a NationalMission, a one-of-a-kind non-profit 501 (c) (3) public educational foundation, an all-volunteer organization composed of Veterans, their families, and civilian supporters. The AAHF is acting to connect the American soldier to the American public as an active, accepted, and admired member of the American family by presenting the story of Army Aviation and the American soldier. The AAHF is providing America an opportunity to hear its Veterans share their stories and see its military legacy in flight and in action. Visit www.armyav.org/cobra for more information.

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